Monday, April 29, 2013


Living in a young, hip, loud, "always on the go" city can be an amazing and exciting experience.. except when its time to go to sleep. Even though you may be ready to pass out, relax or even enjoy some nice quiet yoga time, right outside of your walls are the cars honking, music blasting from restaurants and bars, and people celebrating in all hours of the night. The city has no "off" button. Upholstering your walls or adding fabric wall panels is an attractive way to sound proof any apartment. With the right materials and some beautiful fabric, this is a great inexpensive DIY project that can help reduce the city noise and give you that boutique hotel look.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


It was pleasing to see vendors at this year's High Point Furniture Market doing much better than year's past. The economy is shaping up, which means good things are in tow for the interior design biz. 

Here are some of the Top Trends. 

COMBO Fabrics
Everywhere we turn, designers are creating interest by combining different fabrics and leathers. At Bentley Churchill (always a fave of Steph and I), they sported these gorgeous cherry tufted leather chairs with a cream linen on the interior. 

A ton of vendors are making lucite legs an alternative to wood. It's an expensive add-on, but it can really make a piece stand out. This Bentley Churchill bed is a no brainer for my next big purchase. 

Velvet has always been a staple but it's more apparent than ever. With velvet blends having more polyester than before, the velvet has less of a crush. Which means less booty marks when you get off the sofa. This coral/tangerine number is from Burton James. 

I literally stated the other day at lunch "Mark my words people, the movie The Great Gatsby is going to create a revolution in the design world." And here we are a classic shell motif based out of the Art Deco era. With modern fabrics, this Burton James chair is going to be stunning.

 Celerie Kemble for Henredon
It has been no surprise that Celerie Kemble has done it once again, this time collaborating with Henredon. And of course she had to add one of her stunning chevron masterpieces from Merida. 

See, even Celerie is on the Gatsby bandwagon with these knock out sconces.

 Ferguson Copeland Chairs!
It's like they are reemerging from the grave. Three years ago I would have over looked them, now I can't get enough of these wonderful styles.

If it's stationary, people want to know if you can add a swivel base, and many of the more high end vendors are making it happen. I don't mind the idea but I'd prefer a "MR" which stands for Memory Return (aka so when you swivel out of place and get up the chair comes back to the original position). So what if that makes me OCD!

NAILHEADS, they just won't go away. 
Dining Table from Ferguson Copeland

Still showing up everywhere! And I'm lusting over this cocktail table from Gabby Home that I saw on Pinterest. 

Not much was different at the Hickory Chair showroom. Not to say it wasn't still out of control stunning, but I'm still drooling over these HABLE fabrics

FINALLY!! Someone is giving you the option to change up the jewelry of a piece! Thank you Hickory White!

Hickory White

A lot of BURL still hangin around. 
Hickory White 

A ton of art vendors are giving the option of doing an acrylic top coat over your prints. Which can make an abstract piece that more special, or even funk up a more traditional subject. 

Lillian August never does anything wrong in my opinion.

Look at this mix at Lillian August. I love all these colors and prints with this traditional chandelier turned cool with black crystals and shades. 

Tritter Feefer may be the new hit line of the year! With a plethora of interesting vinyls and 200 high gloss finishes to choose from, at a mid range price point you can't beat. We ordered these chairs in a glossy navy croc vinyl! Which leads me to another trend, VINYL. It's everywhere! And it's not the same anymore. It's versatile, inexpensive and wipeable!!

Big time news flash! Vanguard picked up CR Currin's decorative glass finishes. 
I may just have to save up a bit more for some nightstands...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I don't know about all of you, but I am ready to leave behind the dreadful winter cold and welcome the warm sunshine! I just love having fresh cut flowers at home, but with such a busy schedule and never being home, I wouldn't be able to appreciate them. Another solution to bring Spring into your home is by cutting branches and forcing them to bloom indoors.


White Cherry Blossom

Red Bud

Dwarf Flowering Almond

Pussy Willow

Crab Apple

Monday, April 22, 2013


Good morning Dalliance followers! Hope everyone had a splendid weekend.

I was browsing through Luxe magazine last week when I came across these sconces from Matthew Studios NY, to which I had to wipe the drool off my face. So simple, so elegant, but just the perfect amount of trendy. I need the malachite sconces in my life. 

They are also introsucing hardware into there line! Check out the skull knobs!!!

Custom side table.

Katherine Wildt O’Brien is the owner and designer of Matthew Studios, and someone I can definitly relate to. Her eclectic aesthetic and use of natural materials make her a girl after my own heart. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Thursday, April 18, 2013



The past couple of weeks I have been accompanying my friend Kelly to look for wedding dresses, and along the way we searched for a few bridesmaid dresses as well.
Von Vonni's "transformer dress" just seemed to be a no brainer.
Here's why...

One size fits all
Tons of Colors to choose from
Long or Short styles
And at least 100 different ways to style your dress!

Basically the perfect solution for all body types and the price tag isn't too bad either.
I've been finding these dresses all over Idelli for under $100!

The perfect solution for 5 weddings in one year! Nobody will ever know!