Friday, March 29, 2013


My favorite part about visiting Stamford, Connecticut is most definitely the countless antique shops to scour through.. and this trip did not disappoint. I could literally spend hours rummaging through everything with the anticipation of finding that hidden treasure or perfect piece for any latest projects. I spotted many desirable items including an alligator head the size of my palm for $300! As much as I wanted to walk away with it, that price tag had one too many zeros in it. I was sad to hear that the current shops won't be around in 2 years due to the rent skyrocketing. Well.. wherever the vendors go.. I will go. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am a big fan of adding architectural moulding if you have blank walls, the right budget, and creative freedom. Moulding adds a certain charm to a home and gives it a more finished look. I am loving the black painted moulding over the traditional white paint in some of these photos, as well as the use of mirrors in some of these gorgeous designs.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

TETE A TETE Furniture


  1. A face-to-face meeting, or private conversation between two people, usually in an intimate setting; a head-to-head.

John Derian

Leeward Outdoor Tete a Tete

Edward Wormley / tete-a-tete sofa

Keith Keyser

Leather Tete a Tete Sofa 

Vintage Victorian Eastlake Tete A Tete Settee Chair  

Thursday, March 21, 2013


As we all know, wedding season is around the corner and the designer in me would like to know the popular opinion about paper lanterns. Seriously, what's not to like? They make a huge statement, they're another way to bring in some color, provide a source of light and certainly won't break the bank. But is the look overdone? I'm not sure you can beat the look for the price. 

I would have loved to see how this looked at night. 

Love this mixed with the wisteria, but why are people still sashing the chairs?!?! Super cheesy!


Giant Fringe Streamers by Oh Happy Day Blog. Genius. 

This idea seriously made my jaw drop, like I stopped breathing. 
Utterly freaking amazing, and I will do this for my wedding even if I have to pay a man to marry me. 

It's just rolled up construction paper stuck into chicken wire as the background to the bride and groom's table. Boom!

No words! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My heart fills with pure excitement when I see black metal (or painted wood) window panes used in a design. The combination of black window panes against a white painted wall reminds me of the many villas I saw in Florence, Italy. This design is best used on larger windows and/or glass doors, I will without a doubt incorporate this into my future home design.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


We are constantly quoting and speccing lovely and luxurious wallpapers for our clients, the right wallpaper patterns or colors can be the most magnificent starting point to a space. As beautiful as this option is I panic over the people who think they can apply it themselves, one tiny mistake and you can damage a costly roll of material. So, for the clients who insist on installing wallpaper themselves, I introduce to you the temporary wallpaper by Tempaper Designs.

Tempaper is self-adhesive, "peel-and-stick", temporary wallpaper that eliminates the need for paste or water. Simply remove its backing and adhere to a smooth, primed and painted surface. Just peel off to remove. It is fun and high-impact decorating for those who do not want to make a long-term commitment to a permanent design or renters who simply can't! 

Monday, March 18, 2013


I visited with a dear friend who moved to Brooklyn this weekend. A wonderful lady that loves food just as much as me. I'm pretty sure we did a few other things, a bit of shopping hear and there and some exploration, but mostly it was eating and gabbing. 

Saturday night started off a bit like this. A gin and grape soda concoction at Sweet Chick on Bedford. 

I sported my new Ear Cuff from Urban Outfitters. Only $20. 

We had us some Chicken and Waffles, the main attraction at Sweet Chick. 

But it just didn't compare to the Gruyere Mac & Cheese with Ritz breadcrumbs and the biscuits. Honestly I couldn't stop talking about the Mac & Cheese the entire weekend. Obsessed. 

Sunday began with a bit of brunch at SarahBeth's. Sorry no pics, but I can't talk enough about there Four Flowers Juice, a mix of fresh orange, banana, pineapple, and pomegranate juice. INSANELY delicious. 

Then we went to an indoor/outdoor flea market close to Columbus Circle, where my friend found this insane Tiger's eye box for $650. Needless to say we left that one behind, but I'm still dreaming about it. 

We also saw these cool gear lamps. 

A light box at Chelsea market 

Some Anthropologie Stemware. Obsessed. 

Metallic table runner. 

Catherine Malandrino store. 

Next stop, a late lunch at Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina at Chelsea market. We had some insane pasta dishes. 

 And I had, literally, one of the best beers ever. 

 We were nervous about dessert, because it was called Chocolate Salame, but it turns out there was no meat involved at all. Just chocolate and a side of mascarpone.

And then some more shopping ensured, or shall I call it admiring on my end. 

 The Container Store

Mantiques Modern. An unreal antique shop on 22nd and 7th. 
I obviously dressed like I was running the half marathon that day. And did I mention we bumped into Russell Crow?! 

Can't wait to enjoy the city with my friend again when it gets a bit warmer! :)