Friday, December 30, 2011


I named this "Stephs much deserved presents", but I am only joking about the "much deserved" part.
 I am absolutely grateful about the gifts I've received this year...especially since everything was on my wish list..always stick to the list! 

2 purple velvet ombre pillows, the colors are vivid when the sunlight hits them.

I can't wait to frame this lovely print by Leigh Veiner.

I finally own my set of purple tulipwood lacquered boxes.

2 mini glass obelisks I have had my eye on for awhile.

Beautiful crushed shell frame.

I fell in love with these see through and mirrored boxes.

Nicole made me this Tory Burch inspired clutch that I'll be sporting tonight.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Wow, have we been slacking on quality posts recently. So sorry about that fellow readers, it was a busy Christmas holiday. In 2012 we are motivated to move you, heart and soul, with our delightfully design inspired posts. I know, I know, you are probably on the edge of your seats right now. But seriously, March 1st we will be debuting a sneak peak to our portfolio! All our hard work will be out there for you to admire. 

On another note. Steph and I cleaned up pretty well this Christmas, with both of us receiving iPads! 
I would personally like to make a big THANK YOU to my parental unit for being so generous this year. I love you both so much!
Next post stop...iPad covers??

I was also gifted some pretty rad presents from some very special people who deserve to be mentioned for their amazing taste...

Grandma...thanks for the velvet poppy blazer. The color is so unexpected, and I can't help but rub my face against the buttery softness of the velvet.

 It's tradition that we read The Berenstain Bear's Christmas Tree book every Christmas Eve since my brother was born. I know what you are thinking, but my dad is too cute when he reads it and we have to keep the tradition going until someone pops out a baby. Our old copy is falling apart so kudos to mom who has never googled in her life, and some how found this new version on eBay.

Movado watch from my brother and Alex!! Keepin it Classy!

Got the cuteset lil blue/green nugget earrings from Stephanie. Girl's got good taste...

And the piece de resistance. Drum roll please......this amazing shell and wood inlay antique tray from my dumpling Kelly! It even came in this pimp box with purple velvet lining. The back story is that she bought at an antique store in West Virginia, and it used to belong to a cardiologist. It's rumored to have come from either Syria or Libya. So Fancy!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011


In about 2 weeks most likely I will be wishing it were spring again. Enough of these short days, I'll be done with it after the new year. If I could scrounge up some dough to plan a vacay to Bermuda I would go right now. Anything to bask in the sun with an ice cold minty mojito in my hand. Well, I guess for now I'll just have to stare at the these gorgeous photos of some pretty sweet outdoor showers. There is nothing like taking an outdoor shower to relax you after a hot day on the beach. 

images via tumblr

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


With so many delicious bottles of wine I've been getting for the holidays, I really wish I had an unexpected way of displaying all of my bottles. And with all the great glassware designs out there right now, I would love to upgrade my own wine glasses, but if I purchased a new 12 person set of glasses each time I fell in love at Crate and Barrel..I would need 3 china cabinets to hold it all...


This is such a genius idea, and a great way to free up space. I've found many great DIY tutorials for this.
I have never met a stemless wine glass I didn't love.

LEFT: It is called the CORKCICLE, a cork attached to a tube you can fill with water and freeze, to keep your wine chilled..I NEED this. RIGHT: A closet with a great view of your wine collection.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


8. Orchids $20 Home Depot


Nana Wall Systems are the way to go when you want to achieve the flexibility between an outdoor-indoor space. Just think about how amazing it would be if the wall that connected your backyard to your living room was collapsible!? The possibilities in furniture placement and entertaining would be endless at those times of year when the sun shines all day long! I would definitely consider using the wall system if I were ever doing a renovation or an addition on a home with a large backyard space. Although Nana comes standard with some collections, it can be completely customizable with a rough estimate on pricing between $600 and $1,950 per square foot. This is all relative to your choices (like insulated glazing or hurricane proof glazing options) and the size of your project of course.

What do all of you think about this flexible space option? 

Monday, December 12, 2011

AMAZING FINDS: Holiday Gifts

I don't usually plan a trip to Pier 1, but they really do pull out all the stops during the holidays. 
Every year I buy my mom a Christmas tree ornament to add to her already fabulous collection, and over the years I have found some of the best ones at Pier 1. This year was no different, except I noticed they had other types of gift worthy items.. from the prettiest gold starburst napkin holders to Kevin O'brien inspired ombre velvet pillows.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Tis the season to put aside your usual cup of tea or coffee.
I made my first cup of Godiva Peppermint hot chocolate at work the other day, 
and although delicious on its own, I know there are many ways to take it up a notch. 


Homemade marshmallow hearts are sweet but I think snowflakes would be fun too.
Chocolate cups.. genius! Just don't put anything hot in it.
Here is an easy one for you, chocolate dipped marshmallows.
And for the expert baker, try an edible cake in the shape of a hot cup of cocoa!!

A fun way to display your important add ons such as cinnamon sticks, hot cocoa powder, and peppermint.

Dip candy canes in chocolate to add a hint mint flavor and use it as a mixer.

Can't wait to make a nice hot batch of hot chocolate tonight,

what are some of
your favorite hot chocolate ideas??