Wednesday, November 5, 2014


We're delighted to finally bring you all another completed project! Introducing, Sal's bachelor pad by the beach. Luxurious, modern and neutral, finally an addition to our portfolio that say's Dalliance Design can do masculine too.

 When I met Sal, I knew I could go a bit more wild as long as I stayed within the masculine, tone on tone boundaries of his personal style. The only way to achieve that look was to layer on the textures to keep the look interesting. Which meant buttery soft leather swivel chairs, silky velvets, croc embossed side tables and an innovative accent tile wall embossed to look like driftwood. After my final trip back to his house with accessories I realized I got quite carried away with the Croc (i.e. giant crocodile resin skull, croc tables, croc fireplace tile...). I can't quite figure out which part is my favorite, but I'd be excited if Sal wanted to work on the game room next. ;)