Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So, once I'm finished redesigning the office, I am going to move onto my bedroom. I am contemplating between a wing headboard or tufted headboard, or .....I could get a little wild and get a tufted wing headboard. I am a sucker for anything beautifully upholstered with tufting. N made me promise not to start the bedroom design until the office was completed, but hey..a girl can dream.

Dramatic Headboard with deep tutfing, I would own this in a second

upholstered walls with a light diamond tuft

semi-circle tufted sectional

or a GLAM tufted leather chaise

I've always loved this Vanguard Eddie Chair shown in a powder blue leather
Settee.. also from Vanguard Furniture
 A more delicate version tuft.. french pulls

This Council sofa is so stunning in person and sits like a dream!

Monday, March 28, 2011


I love a good contemporary home! But not just any one, I'm really into this rustic-contemporary vibe. It's basically a modern aesthetic mixed with good old fashion materials (wood, stone, slate) and a really streamlined landscape design to make it feel like home should. 

Let's take a look.
Flat roof lines are a main similarity of many contemporary homes. 

This home is just gorgeous. Take note of the balance of each planes size and projection. Also the lighting is quite nice as well. Lighting is key to any design!

Organic movement, no straight lines at this hip outdoor restaurant.

Lots and lots of big and airy windows, but not one traditional look in sight.

I can't speak!

This home looks like it was built right out of mother nature. It may be channeling a bit of Falling Water, which I am going on a trip to see this summer!

The new lodge

So much fun!

Although I love this one, I hope its gorgeous stone wall is giving it some privacy!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Sometimes the only thing missing to make the exterior of a house really pop is the detailing of the front door. It is usually the focal point of the home, and in my opinion the best way to do that is with vibrant color. Sure architectural details are a great addition as well, but color will really help bring your eye in. And these photos are great examples of how stylish home owners are doing it today. It really is a small and inexpensive way to say, "welcome to my home!" If you are having trouble choosing a color for your home, do't be afraid to shoot us an email with your questions, we'd be more than happy to help!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


My vanity is where I spend every morning or before a big night out getting ready. This spaces requires a vanity table, statement mirror, a tray to hold my favorite perfumes and most important.. good lighting. Personally I like to accessorize with beautiful metallics, organic shapes, and luxurious textures. I want to feel girly as I go about my daily transformation from bed head monster to girl with hair that is ready to take on the day. 
1.Arteriors Lamp $720
2. Ives Tea Stained Mirror $2500
3. Bouquet of Peonies $25
4.Coco Trays $340
5. Jeremy Console $3000
6. Blenko Glass Bottles $145
7. Nola Beta Bench $1075
8. Faux Pony Tray $150

1. Green Quartz Tray $325
2. Scalloped Mirror $2675
3. Rajastan bone inlay chair $924
4. Mirror Vanity $1495
5. Shell Lamp $957
6. Malachite Boxes small $245
7. Purple Glass Bottles $45


For those of you that like to get squeaky clean in the buff, this is the shower for you. Wide open, airy, and big enough to take Sea Biscuit in to get him lookin good for a race. I'm not so sure I'll ever be needing this much space, but I can totally see this in a Vegas pent house or some basketball wives house in Miami. Other than that I am enjoying the large modern rectangular tiles and the white painted floors. Oh, and of course I'm loving all those extra shower heads and sprays in the luxury shower. 

Monday, March 21, 2011


Interior designer Kara Mann has the perfect blend of traditional and modern. She adds unexpected touches to her work, most would say her designs are gutsy and edgy. She definitely incorporates elements in the room that make you do a double take. 

Neutral gray palette, with a shocking burst of hot pink for art.
The combination of gold leaf ceiling, dark wood floors, and grey fabric wallcovering 

What a glamourous and bold statement. 
Dark walls for the dining room and dramatic photography for art

Seriously, can you imagine being a guest at this dinner party?

Sexy high gloss black painted walls with the daring entry table 


Dark, sexy and mysterious...

Thank you stone Gods!

Tabletop fireplace, who knew!

Contemporary Rustic

I'm not sure if I love the fireplace or the ridiculously cool tree behind it. Design by Griffin Enright Architects

We're diggin the whole niche for logs idea

Totally hip! <3

Love the whole industrial thing with the fireplace, but I'm needing some comfy dining chairs for that table. I'm channeling that their may be kids in this house. INterior by Richard Bubnowski Design

Really with the stone again, phe-no-mi-nal! Design by Taylor Lombardo Architects

Great entertaining space, plenty of seating. Oh, and that fireplace isn't too hard to look at either. Interior by Nicole Sassman Design

Okay I added a bonus fireplace, but who wouldn't love this giant boulder look. It's funky, I like it!