Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Even though I know my career aspirations tend to lean more towards high end residential, I've always said to myself that if I had the chance to work on a really swanky modern hotel or an urban nightclub/restaurant, I'd definitely give it a go. And Twenty Five Lusk is a perfect example why. As you can see it's a hip San Fransisco restaurant featuring one of the coolest lounges I have ever seen. The industrial vibe of the hanging stainless fireplaces, rustic beams, and exposed brick give a real laid back earthy vibe. I'm taking a mental note of this one in case there happens to be a trip to Cali in my near future. Oh, and the food doesn't look too shabby either. ;)


Exterior View

Something about opposing textures that really makes a design cohesive and interesting.

Meeting room/banquet room
Ralph Chairs. Shhwing!

Love these pod like fireplaces, but I wish their was maybe a little more pattern in some of the upholstery or pillows. It needs a feminine touch to balance all the hardness.

Date Room!

Notice the under counter lighting. Success is in the details.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


All of us women usually fall in to one or more of the following collector categories...

1. Shoes

2. Purses

3. Or Jewelry 

I prefer to think that I have steady control over my accessory purchases, but I have been known to get out of control with winter coats and jackets. But whatever your fashion hobby, you need to make sure that you have ample storage. Jewelry, I think can be most tricky. Because it is smaller it can sometimes get lost and forgotten. Personally I where the same watch and necklace every single day, usually switching up rings and bracelets. From time to time I can throw on a crazy necklace or feathered earring, but to keep it all out in the open I use a jewelry tree. And as my collection is slowly growing I think I may have to figure something else out. Perhaps I take note of some of these other gorgeous ideas ahead. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BATHROOM OF THE WEEK: Black Painted Walls

Steph and I can't get enough of these dark walls lately and this bathroom is no exception. If you knew my aesthetic well you would know that I love color, but I'm sucker for a classic marbled white kitchen and bathroom. This bathroom happens to be the complete reverse of what I would normally go for. Although it has a dark appeal, the furnishings and accessories stay pretty classy. I'm also loving the way the white frames and the polished silver hardware pops off the walls. If only I knew what paint color and finish this was I'd be tempted to try it. If anybody has any info or suggestions please be sure to let us know!

Monday, June 20, 2011

TEN: Drinks Table

So as we move forward with the sitting room design, we can really see the room finally come together. There are two comfortable sleek chaise lounges on either side of a console where we are setting up as a bar area. A great room to have guests over and make and pass cocktails around, except we have yet to select the perfect drinks table. A drinks table, often called cigar or martini table, is small enough to sit next to your seat, some are even made to tuck perfectly. Below are a collection of some or our current favorites.

Pearson Co.


Baker Furniture


Global Views
OLY Ichibad Table

Lucite Side Table

Worlds Away Cigar Table

Worlds Away Round Cigar Table

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I just had the most ammmmazing trip to Pennsylvania to see Frank Lloyd Wright's famous design Fallingwater and another one of his incredible designs, Kentuck Knob. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures of the interior of either of the homes, I can just only tell you that you will have to really see it for yourself. 

If you are not familiar with Frank Lloyd Wright or Fallingwater, then let me tell you a little about them both. Wright was a renaissance man, designing everything from textiles to furniture as well as his amazing architectural designs, but what makes him so incredible was how ahead of his time he was. Frank Lloyd Wright did not like box-like construction, and you could see that specifically in both Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob.

Fallingwater, which was built in 1936, had an open floor plan, which was unheard of in that time. But even more insane was his method of organic architecture, which is designing with nature in mind. For this reason Fallingwater is built to be one with the waterfall. The house is built on to the formations of rock on the hilltop, which then have multiple 15 foot deep concrete cantilevering terraces. It was said that the home's original owners, The Kaufman family, wanted the home facing the waterfall, but Frank had another plan (he tended to be quite stubborn, a characteristic I find many designers can have). 

One of the coolest features Mr. Wright created in Fallingwater was this staircase. It begins in the open concept great room and is enclosed by large glass doors. When you open the glass, you can step down into the stream if you wish. Beyond the staircase is the waterfall.

All of the original sculptures are still intact and are clearly amazing of course.

A prime example of what Wright meant to be "organic architecture."

To the side of the front door was a fresh stream of water where the Kaufman's could wash their hands or feet from the long days of fishing or hunting. Notice the soap on a rope!

Front Door

Seriously, who wouldn't want to live here?

And now, Kentuck Knob, another residence which was commissioned to Frank Lloyd Wright. A brilliant design with almost no right angles, go figure!
Check out those clerestory windows and copper roofing. Not to mention the dental molding. If I had to start describing the interiors, you would all become very confused. So you are just going to have to go see the beauty for yourself! Trust me you won't regret it!

By the time this house was made in the mid 1950's, Frank (who was in his 70's) believed it was finally time for him to part putting his stamp on all his creations.

So intrigued, I'm definitely reading Nancy Horan's book Loving Frank.


When you are deciding on what type of seating arrangement you should design, consider how much space you have. Do you have a larger family or enjoy having guests over often? Consider going for a sectional rather than the traditional sofa. A great upholstery line will give you many different configurations to choose from, this way you can customize the layout for your room and for your needs.

Comfy cozy in from of the television.

Doesn't this look so inviting? This is the perfect arrangement for entertaining, I Can't you imagine having guests over for a fun game night of scrabble in this setting?

A cocktail ottoman to throw your feet up after a long day at work.

If you have the room, I suggest getting an option with a chaise lounge on one or both ends of your sectional. 

I would plop myself right into this one.

Sectionals don't have to be just for "family rooms," go for a tufted option and have it upholstered in the most beautiful blue velvet fabric you've ever seen.