Thursday, October 24, 2013


Not only do I get excited for fall fashion this time of year, but my personal interior design style is rooted in the autumn look as well. I guess it's that rustic modern aesthetic that really feels cozy to me. The warm wood tones, the sheepskin rugs, the foliage colors, rustic stone fireplaces, it's all my element. Yet to stay hip, I still need those metallic touches and sleek surfaces.  

Great idea in this first photo. Buy one chair and make two cushions in different colors and fabrics for the changing seasons. 
Zach Desart Photography

Natural barn wood and driftwood has been really prevalent lately, and I think it's here to stay for awhile. 
Rachel Halvorson

Rustic textures work really well with other modern materials and styles. Look at the dining table for example, the materials look industrial but the shape is really contemporary. I'm also pretty in love with that 5 arm chandelier in the adjacent room. 

Updated equestrian.

Could you imagine walking through this when the first snow fall happens?!

M. Elle Designs

Love the plum hues!!
M. Elle Designs

M. Elle Designs

Neptune Kitchens

Why not cover the fridge in some reclaimed wood and slap on some ridiculous hardware. Yes!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I recently saw this image below and I was floored. Anyone who rocks an emerald green lacquer wall with exposed brick is just a freakin GENIUS. Seriously, mind blown. Soooo obviously I needed to check out the person who made it happen, Ken Fulk. I've heard the name before, but I really needed to see what he was all about. And what I found was a gold mine of interior perfection. Sexy, cheeky, luxurious and fun, Ken knows how to put a room together....and apparently a party or two. The man knows how to live. 

Honestly, I could barely narrow down the expansive selection of portfolio shots, so bare with me. You will not be disappointed. 

His interiors are a constant reminder to not take ourselves too seriously. 

I love Fulk's use of vintage items and interesting light fixtures. Never afraid to mix it up! 

He definitely has a thing for taxidermy. 

This sectional is fab. 

Need those cerulean chesterfields!
From rustic to victorian, moroccan to modern, Ken Fulk can transform any space.