Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Some homeowners dream of looking out into their backyard and someday having a underground pool installed, but this bachelor pad took it to a whole new level. When this homeowner gets the urge to take a dip in his pool, he doesn't even have to leave the house. He and his guests can go swimming, only fifteen feet to the left of the living room, by lifting a large glass wall from the ground. The most fascinating concept of this whole design is not that this pool is indoors, but the amazing fact that when you are no longer in the mood to swim, you can simply close it and use the space as a continuation of your living area. I am officially completely jealous. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011


 This time of year is starting to remind me of wedding season, filled with traditional girly bridal showers. So in inspiration of the following gorgeous Pinterest photos, I have come up with my own spread.

Start out with your canvas, a gorgeous modern wood and metal dining table will do just the trick. Dress the table with linens, mixing and matching bold patterns and subtle colors is exciting, throw in the pink damask runner and black and white geometric napkins. Of course flowers and candles are always a great touch for dinner parties. Soft pink peonies are just the right bud for this girly brunch and they be even more amazing in these L'Objet blossom bowls. Mid century modern brass candlesticks are simple and compliment the more fussier prints, and when lit really set the mood. Whimsical bird themed serving dishes and elephant salt and pepper shakers in clean white creates the perfect balance to the glamorous gold flatware and pink glass goblets. Add a gold charger, a tonal damask dinner plate and a metallic striped bowl on top and you got a MASTERFUL MIX!!!

4. Pink Peonies


Thursday, May 26, 2011


You know I am delighted to see hanging furniture (check here), but I can also not get over how adorable it is to see little swings in the home. It is so whimsical and fun. It really brings childhood memories back for me. Yet knowing how crazy I was, doing flips in the house or handstands against the doors, climbing up the hallway walls like a monkey, I'm not sure how easy it is to tell your kid to take it easy on the indoor swing!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


If you can manage to pry your eyes off of the beautiful Ms. Penelope Cruz you can see the stunning dark and light wood herringbone flooring. Herringbone is a pattern that is also referred to as "chevron." You can achieve this look using tiles as well, on your floors, and even on your walls. I honestly don't think this pattern will ever go out of style, it is just simply beautiful.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Jamie Beckwith floors takes a new innovative approach to a classic hardwood surface material. Don't get me wrong I'm still loving me a good wide plank, chocolate brown hardwood floor, however I think I could get used to a funky puzzle piece silhouette in a game room basement, or a moroccan inspired pattern for my future boudoir.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Kitchen islands are the perfect meeting spot for the family to get together for a quick snack and vent about their long day. It is perfect for extra counter surface, washing fruits and vegetables, and enjoying your morning breakfast cereal. If your kitchen is large enough, it can definitely benefit you and your family to have one installed. Enjoy the many kitchen island photos below to get you inspired.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Just wanted to show you guys a few more of the pics I took from the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Aside from the first picture, which I took from the vendors website, you will have to excuse the rest of the photos from which I took because I do not have the best of cameras. Here are some of my favorite things from the show, bare with me there are quite a few...

 There was a real trend using laser cut cardboard, like these sphere pendants above (Graypants), and the giant giraffe below. It's nice to know that some people are taking a sustainable approach to new product design!

Horn, I know you have been over played but I'm still in love with you. Your texture, your pattern, your polish! And I'm particularly taken with these crystal studded horn vases...sighhhh

 Some amazing mosaic tile work on case goods from Ercole, which can also be found at ABC.
Fab blown glass pendants, not to be confused with your home depot brand.
Jamie Harris Studio 


Copper on the inside, love that touch 

Hand mande chandelier with Swarovski crystals. 
Water Pressure Lighting

 Crazy coat rack

Everyone is really loving the natural slab, organic wood look lately, as am I. But I am especially loving this giant wood slab encasing this mirror by APF MUNN. And inside the cracks, low and behold, crystals!


Baccarat Crystal Chandelier with umbrella detail.

Missoni inspired drape

If I ever have enough room to float a sectional in my home I might add some extension to display all my odds and ends.

Sand art feature by Klaus Bosch that had different color lights projecting from the back. I actually couldn't stop watching it. 

I had so much fun! Definitely worth going back next year.