Thursday, May 31, 2012


Decorative trim can jazz up anything from upholstery to pillows to curtains. It is so important to pay attention to the small details, trims can add texture and color to your design and make it more interesting. There are so many types of trims out there such as tape, tassel, rope cords, fringe and my current favorite.. pom pom. Decorative trims are perfect compliments to well made curtains or upholstery.. so which style is your current favorite?

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Did I say love? No seriously, if I could have one gay friend in the whole world it would be Thom Filicia. He is like an idol, a God to me! Everything he does is absolutely breath taking. I literally gasp when I see his designs. I would die to have just one week to follow him around at his job. I could learn so much just from observing. If only...

Well, for now I'll just study his impeccably decorated interiors...
BOOM! Purple Lacquered bookshelves and millwork backed with some kind of silver foiled wallpaper. I DIE! This is my heaven. And I would have never thought to do that ultra modern fixture but it works so perfectly. Look at all the Oscars, I wonder whose home this is.  

The fixture, the tangerine leather chairs, the painted wood floors, the man is a genius of the masterful mix. An expert at the collected look. 

Only Thom could use this whimsical wallpaper so beautifully.

 WHAT! Seriously with this cobalt blue stained woodwork!! I don't even have words for how freakin gorgeous this is. And the artwork blends so perfectly. The antique rug is just another example of his eclectic genius.

The man can even do monochromatic. 

The mix of prints...Purple ikat, floral chartreuse, and simple polka dots. Oye!

FUN color combo

He loves the photographer Robert Dutesco. How can you blame him. 

This rope detail! I need to make this happen at some point. 

 Thom Filicia is never afraid to play with scale. You say why, Thom says why not cover a small wall with a giant piece of artwork. Why it works, the water photo isn't busy and blends into the background.

I have been having a total love affair (dalliance if you will) with this skeleton chair. I need one for my Foyer eventually.

 The man knows how to layer! 


 Oh hey cool scenic border, I would have never thought to put you there.

He loves his Eagle Console for Vanguard.

You have to use pieces that are huge in scale in an open space like this. 

 Who said you need a desk in an office, why not a simple pedestal table to spread out on.

 The wood slice screen!!!!

 And last but not least, his bathroom from the Kips Bay Showhouse. I love this bathroom so much, I need all of it!! Especially the mirror tile border and the hammered sink. I'd also take the copper tub, but I think I'd rather buy a Lexus...

Thom Filicia you are such an inspiration. You are the sole reason why when I think that my designs are finished I will strive to take them one step further. I can't wait to see what you do next!!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I think I am loving black kitchens almost as much as I love 
bright white kitchens these days...