Monday, April 30, 2012


A couple of my friends and I are planning a trip in August. We haven't determined the destination yet but it looks to be either a trip to Iceland or Norway, Sweden, and possibly Germany all in one. The more I think about it the more excited I get about the amazing experiences traveling can bring you. So I started to determine a list of different places I'd like to visit. I share these places with you in exchange for your own personal traveling experiences and ideas. Any other cool places I should go? Maybe it's an overlooked  museum or a small patisserie for the best croissant in the world. Let me know!!

I bring you my first 3 places today.

#10 The Holi Festival of Coulors, Braj, India

Okay, so I am not Hindu by any means, but this looks like a great time. The Holi Festival is a religious spring festival observed in mainly India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan. Its a joyous day where everyone comes together and celebrates the coming of the new Spring season, saying goodbye to winter by throwing colored scented powder and having big bon fires. 
Seriously, where else do you get to run around looking like a flying rainbow throwing powder at people?!?!

#9 The Four Seasons in Thailand

The main appeal of this destination is not only it's lavish amenities and accommodations but the ability to get close to the elephants of Thailand's lush jungle. At the Four Seasons's Thailand you will be able to learn how to interact with elephants through Mahout training, including trekking and bathing with the elephants, exploring their homeland. 95% of the elephants in Thailand are domesticated and many are used for labor and/or begging tourists on the streets for money. I know that this type of work isn't the most natural life for the elephants to have, but it is a way of life in Thailand. However, through the Four Seasons adoption program, the hotel has managed to save 10 elephants and care for many abandoned baby elephants on site. Giving tourists an oppurtunity to not only learn but make a difference in these extraordinary animals lives. 

#8 Le Crazy Horse, Paris, France

Of course while in Paris, I'm going to wander about its various museums and historic sites, taking in all its rich history including the infamous Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral. But I really really REALLY want to go see a good old cabaret show. Le Crazy Horse, has been the birth place of burlesque since 1959 by Alain Bernardin, an avant-garde artist. Preferably I'd like to see Dita Von Teese, the queen of burlesque while I am there, but we will just have to see! 

 Any suggestions on small shops, landmarks or restaurants in any of these locations so I can store them away in my travel files?

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Due to our extremely busy schedules we were not able to attend the furniture market this year. That doesn't stop us from stalking other people who have gone. We've been collecting images from all over the internet of latest trends and any new designs from some of our favorite manufacturers.

CR Currin Buffet with a show stopping continuous glass effect.

Thomas Pheasant for Baker furniture, what a great concept for an elegant coffee table yet still having the option to throw your feet up after a long hard day at work.

Lee Industries introduces new cocktail ottomans with a lucite leg, these are sure to become best sellers.

When can I get my hands on this beautiful fabric from Hickory Chair??

Martha Stewart gilded storage console, love this design!

Barclay Butera mitered stripe ottoman, I love anything black and white striped.

Great new leather cocktail ottoman design by Hickory Chair.
Now, lets start placing some orders ;)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


To me there is nothing more attractive than confidence, and a man in a tailored clean cut suit. Reading the 50 Shades novels has really got me thinking about why in hell is there not more stylish men out there?! You really have no excuse in my opinion. Your wardrobe doesn't have to have the same variety as a stylish woman's. I'd say 3 or 4 nicely tailored suits could take you in a number of different directions. Take note from the example below...

#1 piece of advice, GET A GOOD TAILOR! Sometimes you don't even need one. If you buy a nice suit from a prestigious store like Bloomingdale's or Neiman's they already have tailors in house. 

And for heaven's sake wear the right colored belt and shoes!!!!

Obviously accessories are where you can break it up a bit. There is no end to a good supply of ties, belts, shirts, watches and even nice dress socks! You get an A+ if you go the extra mile to cuff links and a tie clip (then I might be a little intimidated haha). 

Or even a nice pocket square. 

Introduce some color. Real men wear pink/yellow/purple right!

 The whole thick framed spectacles thing kills me right now.

 Love the tie, such a good combo. 

Beanies, yum!

That Hugo cuts a nice suit. 

Any of you out there see the movie CRAZY STUPID LOVE with Ryan Gosling? Steve Carell is taken under Ryan Gosling's wing (professional wing man haha) to go shopping to give him a better look, when Carell pulls out his wallet to pay you hear the sound of velcro ripping. Boys, just don't do it! Along with the digital watch...unless you are training for a triathlon I don't want to see that crap on your wrist!

Now my expectations are not so high to the point where I expect you to drive an Audi R8 like Mr. Grey's character in 50 Shades, it's just a plus. I'm happy enough if you just keep it clean and make your car payments like any responsible man would. 

It doesn't hurt to be all "hearts and flowers" every once in awhile either.... ;D


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

50 SHADES OF GREY: The Delicious Christian Grey

So, I have heard a lot of hype about the controversial book "50 Shades of Grey" by E. L. James. 
Apparently, this book and author is taking a lot of heat for its erotic topic..

I finally decided to download it this past weekend to find out for myself.
I'm actually 50 shades of red when I'm reading this book.
This is not British Literature, nor does it pretend to is just a good old junk food read.

It's indulging, it's sexy, and to put it is just fun to get lost into.

I am infatuated with the main character, young entrepreneur, Christian Grey, 
For the first couple of chapters.. I auditioned about 50 different actors to play him (in my mind).
Determined to put a real face to this beautiful, brilliant, and intriguing man..
I finally came across a picture of actor Matt Bomer.. 

and ever since I have made this connection.. I was a done girl. 
I now find it incredibly difficult to concentrate on anything else.

I have also recently discovered singer "Alex Clare" and have declared his album the soundtrack to my current read. I've kept his song "Damn Your Eyes" on repeat all weekend.

I have yet to determine who plays the innocent "Anastasia Steele".. 
mostly I just pretend I am her character.. 

Can't you just hear him now.."I expect you to do as you are told, Miss Steele."

You're Welcome.


Friday, April 20, 2012


The first time I heard of a slab wood dining table I instantly thought it would look like it belonged in a cabin in the woods.. but when I see a great piece of organic wood combined with metals or plexiglass I crave to purchase it for myself. The combination of slab wood with metals or plexiglass are a match made in heaven. Throw in a metal chandelier and you have a space that will make all of the neighbors envious for their own.


Thursday, April 19, 2012


The other day I went with my boss, designer Valerie Grant, to a client meeting to present a new modern design for their brand new Manhattan apartment. The clients wanted a modern rustic vibe with hints of persimmon, taupe, and metallic for most of the pad but a glam bedroom for a blossoming young lady. Of course I was all over the glam look trying to help find the right girly pink and purple fabrics to create the right look. All in all, when the design was finished it was our favorite room in the place, but the clients thought it might have been a little too mature for their 7 year old. I don't have kids so my opinion really doesn't count, but what do you guys think???

The following two photos are the inspiration.

And here is the design...Super glam but elegant at the same time! Metallic lavender patterned wallpaper, plush velvets, hollywood glam mirrored nightstands and funky purple lamps. Just the right amount of fun to grow into.

How about the snakeskin wallpaper on that armoire! I'm in love with it.

This was a gorgeous Kelly Wearstler fabric for Groundworks for one of the decorative pillows. 

And this Osbourne & Little wallpaper! Die.

Hey if she doesn't want to live in this bedroom I will :D