Thursday, May 29, 2014


I am thrilled to announce that I signed a lease for a pretty amazing apartment in Manhattan. Technically, I was not going to begin apartment hunting for another few months, I just happened to accompany a friend to an apartment viewing and next thing I know I am handing a check over to the realtor. I am not one to impulse purchase (okay, maybe I am) but this place has a doorman, laundry on every floor, a rooftop, a gym, a suana, a recreation room, a dishwasher, a ROOFTOP, a pool on the rooftop.. oh, and did I mention a rooftop? Every single time the realtor mentioned another amenity I could not contain myself, I said "Stop it, I cannot handle all of this excitement, I already said I would sign the lease!"

Besides all of the great things I just listed, what sold us was the terrace that comes with our apartment. It is a corner unit and the terrace literally wraps around the entire space, our outdoor terrace alone is larger than most apartments I've seen. Having outdoor space in NYC is something I have always dreamed of but never saw it as a reality unless I won the lotto. The dream is real and I cannot wait to design the space. This is going to be one beautiful summer.

If you have the space, a corner sectional is the perfect outdoor seating arrangement.

Add texture by using greenery on the walls, and plenty of soft seating.

If your building allows it, build a canopy to protect you on the hottest summer days.

A table with a built in BBQ grill for all of your guests to cook their own meats and veggies? Yes please.

Incorporate lighting for better night time entertaining.

My roommate is convinced that we can crane a hot tub jacuzzi onto the terrace. I'm in.

A tree stump as a table base is absolute genius.

My friend ordered a projector as soon as I suggested having outdoor movie nights.

So apparently once your friends find out you have a terrace with a sick view, they all offer to help build furniture.

We ordered an outdoor double chaise lounge, I can not wait to lay on it after a long day of designing.

There will be plenty of dinner parties thrown this summer.

 This indoor outdoor living design by Kelly Wearstler has always been a favorite of mine, the woman can do no wrong.