Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas has come and gone, and now we pack our bags to go away for a long weekend of skiing and tubing. There is something so comforting of being away at a cabin, keeping warm in front of a fireplace with hot chocolate spiked with Baileys, surrounded by good friends. We hope everyone received everything they asked for this Christmas. See you all in the New Year.

Friday, December 21, 2012


Christmas decor doesn't always have to be the typical red and green it once was. Check how some of these trendsetters made it work for their homes...

 This is a tree from the White House this year. I can tell all the glass bulb ornaments are from Anthropologie. <3 font="font">

Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012


With 2013 just around the corner, I naturally begin to fantasize about the new year. I look at the --> resolutions I made January of last year and I can't believe I never made any of those things come true. I never took that sewing class (I kept putting it off), the only surprising thing about my cooking skills this year was that I didn't burn the french toast one morning, the closest I got to Paris was "Le Peep" Restaurant in Edison, NJ. 
I am a big believer in making lists and following through with my goals, and it shocks me to see that I left those goals pass me by.. until I realize all of the things that I have done this year to help make my business grow, I have no doubt in my mind that Nicole and I will only grow from here.

I have recently been approached to provide some custom furniture designs for a new furniture building start up company. When they asked if that was something I would be interested in.. I thought to myself "When would I have the time to do that?! We are getting so busy!" That thought was quickly followed with "my dream has always been to design my own furniture line" and so I will make time for this opportunity. Nicole and I are one of the lucky few who get to wake up every morning and do what we love most. We plan to grab 2013 by the B_ _ _LS, and continue to focus on the thing we are most passionate about.. design.

Custom Greek Key Cocktail Table designed by Dalliance Design

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Million Dollar Decorator, Jeffrey Alan Marks, literally had me gasping at the television this morning. He and his partner Ross did such a stunning job at his clients (third home) in La Jolla. I don't mean to ignore his hysterical and equally talented cast mates, but I have to say this episode he takes the cake with this project. You can bet I'll be storing all these images in my Pinterest files for further inspiration.

The color story was a soothing palette of neutral grays, lilacs and pinks with an emphasis on a pairing of elegance and beach living.

I absolutely love the color inside the built ins. A subtle and much needed pop. 

The over-dye in the entry!!

The Oly fixture adds a bit of whimsy and the round settee separates the two living spaces. And the floor lanterns kill me everytime. I need about a hundred of those...

Why didn't they show the office on the show!!!! 
P.S. Purple and green is my new favorite color combo! (Did you see Mary MacDonald's boutique for that whiney skinny bitch? Also amazing! And also lilac and green.)

I'm sorry, but do you see that grape velvet sofa and the silvery grasscloth!!

Every detail of this dining room makes me squeal! The upholstered hexagon ceiling with the custom Charles Edwards light fixture! Which was $15,000 by the way. Not to mention the mismatched chairs, especially the blue velvet Mr. Brown ones.

If you know JAM's work, you can see the repetition in the dome lamps on the basement bar here, which were also done at his Hungry Cat project.

Come on, who doesn't want a shuffle board in their house? 

Seriously, this one deserves a slow clap with a standing ovation.

Monday, December 10, 2012



This holiday season be prepared to turn heads when you head out on the town. Colorful sweaters, sparkling tops, stretchy denim leggings and colorful denim are now on trend. Start with a gorgeous outfit, add the coolest accessories you can find, then top it all off with a beautiful coat, and you are ready to enjoy the festivities, wherever they may be.


When you find yourself stepping out on a chilly evening, be sure the outerwear you have on is spectacular. A great-looking jacket or coat is as important as the rest of your outfit. Think of it as the wrap on the beautiful gift that is your outfit.  An ankle-length trench coat looks sleek and stylish on all women, no matter what their size or shape. A colorful pea coat turns heads, especially when you wrap an embellished scarf around your neck.  


Sparkly sweaters that are as soft as silk look amazing paired with glittery earrings and gleaming bracelets. Wear this with slim-legged dark pants, and then select an incredible pair of shoes that complements the rest of your attire, for a festive look from head-to-toe.  

Faith Connexion at Net-a-Porter


Denim leggings are your new best friend, since these figure-flattering and comfortable pants are the perfect combination of the always-fashionable look of denim together with the stretchy forgiveness of leggings. The fit is flattering on practically everyone and these look super with booties or knee-high boots. As an added bonus, they solve the perennial problem of keeping pants tucked into the boot. Do not shy away from colored denim or corduroy this season. Be sure to take advantage of this hot trend that lets you be more bold and colorful throughout the season. 

Don't shy away from colored denim or corduroy this season either! Be sure to take advantage of this hot trend that lets you be more bold and colorful throughout the season.

This is not the year for dull and drab fall and winter wardrobes. Sparkling tops, colorful pants, amazing boots and shoes and bold, shining accessories are on the agenda this time around, and this is excellent news for all fashion-conscious women. 

Stay chic ladies!

Monday, December 3, 2012


If you follow our blog, than you know how obsessed I am with Kevin O'Brien Studio's burn out velvet pillows. They are BA-NA-NAS! But they also come with a heavy price tag. 

Sometimes many of us just can't understand why things cost so much, which is why its good to learn how certain things are created. It helps you really appreciate the craftsmanship of a high end piece, be it a heavily hand carved Rococo gilt frame or a Tufenkain rug with a 6 month lead time. 

So now you all must watch this amazing video I saw of Kevin O'Brien himself, demonstrating the amazing technique of creating his burn out velvet pillows with the homemaking Queen, Martha Stewart. 

Step 1. Silk Screen with an Acid to burn out a pattern 
on the back of a white velvet fabric.
Step 2. Iron 
Step 3. Scrape away the messy particles.
Step 4. HAND PAINT!!!! So cool!

My fave color combo...Peacock

The main studio located in Philadelphia. I'm thinking field trip! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


When going out to a restaurant, I would assume that most diners prefer to sit in a booth. For starters it can be more comfortable and its usually more private and sound proof than some of the tables and chairs strewn about the floorplan. Well at home, the banquette look can be just as functional. It not only can save space but can be an area for extra storage under the seats. And unlike a bunch of chairs that can sometime look visually broken up and messy, the banquette creates a visually seamless line and can also be a great space divider for small apartments. 

I'd give it a go, would you? 

 Lonny Mag

Rick Shaw Design