Monday, July 30, 2012


Everytime I see Haute House Furniture at a furniture gift show, I always do a double take. At first glance I'm impressed by the impact some of the pieces make with their spectacular 77" high settees and they also offer some beautifully tufted pieces in their line. Yet, when I got closer to the furniture I began to notice the overuse of rich fabrics, tassel trims, and......(gulp) rhinestones. It's the overkill pieces like these that make me cringe and want to run the other way screaming. I guess the daughters of the Marge Carson lovers of the world need furniture too but people please! Anyway, I decided to give the line another chance, and I was surprised to find some really fun options that I would be happy to use in future projects, minus the rhinestones of course.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Whether you call it ombre or dip dye, it's been a buzz for quite some time now, and quite frankly makes me want go tie-dye something. We all know that ombre hair is a huge trend right now but it's also popping up in fashion, event styling, and home decor. 

I wouldn't mind trying to dip dye some lifeless dining chairs to bring them back to life again or even play with ombre dresser drawers. Splendid ideas actually!


 Ralph Lauren bedding 

Kim Seybert napkins

Z Gallerie ombre pillows

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Looking through my Pinterest style board the other night I realized the majority of my photos were either a rainbow of sleek lady like numbers or totally rocker chic as I like to call it. Now to define "rocker chic" you must have a few main pieces, but if you need one design house to define it for you it's Balmain. Otherwise it's all about a slim pant in leather or a fun print, simple tops, studded jackets or accessories, and a little bit of metallic glitter. I also find that sometimes these looks are combat or military inspired, but they don't have to be super rugged when you add a pair of lady like heels or a sexy cat eye. Although I buy a lot of J. Crew, I feel like I mix a lot of those pieces in to my rocker chic sensibility. Exhibit velvet cobalt blue blazer and a simple artist V'neck Tee from J. Crew has been worn with ripped skinny jeans and gold glittery pumps from Zara. Add some seriously funky jewelry and nobody will ever be able to tell. Such a versatile look! Just take Blake Lively for example, so lady like and chic yet such a bad ass at heart with that sick gold blazer. Siigghhh...I love Rocker Chic!!

 Ripped skinnys and major pumps. 

Red velvet skinnys

Can't go wrong with all leather if it looks like this!

Great example of lady like sophistication meets rough and tough leather jacket

Anything studded! This Versace pencil skirt is a knockout!

 and Balmain again...
and Balmain again!
And this ridiculously gorgeous maxi skirt is also from Balmain 

 Unknown, but the most elegant way I've ever seen a skull and crossbones done. 
Funky but not overdone tattoo's are always sexy rocker chic.

I can't even breathe when I look at this combat bustier!

 I need these leather skinnys!!!!

And of course a spiked clutch by Louboutin to finish the look.


Monday, July 16, 2012


Someone recently told me that I was too young to have a bucket list, but I disagree. I am a list maker, I write everything down and I find that I subconsciously accomplish everything on all of my wish lists. Needless to say, Fallingwater has been on my bucket list for quite some time and I was lucky enough to see it in person. The famous house designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright was well worth the 5 hour drive. We've already posted about this impressive house, since Nicole was lucky enough to visit it last year. So, I will be focusing on my Fallingwater favorite features.


I am obsessed with these steps that lead you directly down to the stream. 
I so badly wanted to sit on that ledge and let my feet touch the water

When you get inside you realize the steps to the stream are from the living room. Who wouldn't appreciate something so amazing like this?

On the first floor you are greeted by an open living room and its huge terrace.

Can you imagine living in this house during the winter?
I loved this cozy fireplace, what a great place to gather around. 

You can't really tell from this picture but there is a cutout in the desk of a door swing, so you can open the long window for some fresh air.

All of these mini corner windows are functional, I'm fascinated that the entire house is made up of steel and sandstone.

This walkway to the guest house had this wrap around roof, the crazy part is that is was made of poured concrete. Everything was done by hand, they didn't even have concrete mixers back then.

It costs 5 million dollars a year to upkeep this house, and they use the proceeds they make from these house tours to pay for it. Fallingwater did not disappoint, very worthy of a bucket list cross off if you ask me.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Just thought I would share a couple pictures of some things we are working on over here at Dalliance Design. 

Just ordered my first Oly Studio piece! And I'm in love <3
It's called the Charlotte side chair. I got it in the same fabric shown (white herringbone), but without the nailheads. It is going to pair perfectly with my mini West Elm Parson's Desk. The only thing I'm not so excited about...the 14 weeks lead time. Oh well, good things come to those who wait!

Already thinking about my pillow fabrics for the headboard I plan on ordering (below from Century). Check out that burn out velvet from Kevin O'Brien! I. Could. Die.
Need to get going on framing these abalone shells I picked up From Fun House Furnishings in Mendham, NJ. 

And here's just a teeny tiny little snippet of our huge residential project at the moment! So excited!! Can't wait to reveal the end results :)