Wednesday, August 1, 2012


After watching Million Dollar Decorator's last year I couldn't get Jeffrey Alan Marks kitchen wallpaper out of my head. The fishy wallpaper, by De Gournay of England, is entirely hand painted on silk and has a beautifully reflective quality the way the sun hits a wall of swimming fish in the ocean. De Gournay focuses on taking vintage or antique chinoiserie prints and modernizing them for today's eclectic tastes. Other koi wallpapers don't compare to the quality of De Gournay, but they are fun enough to take a modern beach bungalow's powder room to the next level. 

 Jeffrey Alan Marks 

 This is my favorite way the wallpaper has been used. It's like being surrounded by this tornado of fish and the sailboat chandelier isn't a bad touch either. Although I think it should be a larger scale. 

De Gournay

By the way, does anyone know if Million Dollar Decorator's is having another season?