Monday, August 6, 2012


The game room has always been a common area in the typical high end basement. And of course, who would have a game room without a pool table. Luckily, you don't have to have a traditional pool table anymore. There are plenty of sleek and modern billiard table options out there and some even do double duty as dining tables. And while your at it, why use a formal dining room as just a dining room?! Admit it, you only use your dining room maybe 3 times a year, so you might as well have the room work double duty. 

 We all may not have a designated outdoor room, but if I did I wouldn't mind if it looked like this one. 

Outdoor weatherproof pool table

 Uber modern 

 See! Pink, sleek and right in the middle of the action! This is one hip home.

 9 by Design 

 BMB Billardi

CueLight Obscura 
This table uses an overhead projector and motion detectors to create water-like ripples wherever the balls move.

Toulet Penelope Pink Crocodile 
A tad over the top, but pretty rad nonetheless.




I had no idea they made round pool tables!!