Monday, August 27, 2012

NAILHEADS: The Jewelry of Upholstery

Adding nail trim to your upholstery is like adding a great pair of earrings to your already put together outfit. Nailheads come in all types of shapes, finishes, and sizes. You can do a continuos single row of nailheads or you can space them out. Sometimes they are used to keep the fabric in place and sometimes they are added to jazz up your upholstery piece. A great example below is the Hickory Chair Eton Chair, shown with and without the optional nailtrim. See the difference?

Eton Chair without Nailheads.

Eton Chair with nailheads.

Nailhead patterns take these Michael Berman ottomans to a whole new level

We're loving the great new trend of upholstery tables,
also notice the great  pattern in front of the banding of  the sofa base.