Saturday, August 18, 2012


I just got back from my San Diego vacation a couple days ago, and I completely fell in love. From the moment I stepped foot out of that airport I knew I would struggle for an excuse on why I shouldn't live in this glorious city. And of course there are good reasons. For starters, there is Dalliance Design and my amazing business PIC, Stephanie, that I can't leave behind because of all the hard work and opportunities we have created for ourselves in this very short time. And of course I would miss my family dearly. But I'm not talking about moving to SD for life, maybe just a year or two. Well, only time will tell. For now, I'll just have to keep my eye on the prize and build Dalliance to it's full potential. Maybe at that point I can afford to live in two places...

 Exhibit A: The architecture, design, and landscaping is so different from the northeast. Such a laid back vibe with classic influence but a modern edge (aka my motto on design). 

Check out this cute home. I absolutely die for those driftwood windows and door.  

 Succulents, Giant Aloe plants, birds of paradise, and not to mention Bougainvillea are all native plants that we don't get to see grown naturally very often on our lay of the land. 

Check out this driveway!

 Surfers and skateboarders everywhere. Everywhere! Not to mention more than half of them make your head turn. Honestly, I saw a good looking guy approximately every 5 minutes. It was overwhelming. 

 Nope not a flying V of geese, a flying V of pelicans! 

Mexican food. All day, everyday. I think I sampled lobster tacos from at least 3 different places. The place shown here, was from the restaurant, Big Fish, on Mission Blvd.   

 So many drinks were had. Soooooo many. 

 The hot breakfast spot was The Mad Dog's Cafe, right across from our hostel on Emerald Street (yes, I said "hoSTtel" not "hotel" haha). Where the british owner served up these amazing crumpets. Mine had nutella on top. Boom! You're ready for your bikini...

 No big deal, just took some guys dog hostage. 

 Everyday the weather was amazing and everyday there was an unforgettable sunset. 

 More lobster tacos, up close and personal. 

Of course, we did a tad more than eat, drink and lay on the beach. For one we did quite a bit of shopping. So many amazing boutiques with great deals! And we also went ocean kayaking, but I don't have the pictures developed from our underwater camera. And let's just say I wouldn't recommend it if you get sea sick easily haha ;)

All in all, an unforgettable trip with two of my very dear friends. Now where to next???