Friday, August 10, 2012


If you can ignore the hideous glass lamp in this photograph what you will see is absolute perfection. I'm not a huge fan of Lexington Home Brands but sometimes they have some really nice well priced pieces. This "Hermes" inspired chest is wrapped in an orange leather and trimmed with chocolate stained wood and adorned with the most delicious brass hardware. I was lucky enough to view this divine piece when I was at 200 Lex last week and it really is beyond anything else lexington represents. Not to mention its probably the most expensive item in the new Aquarius collection, retailing at around $6,000. It also comes in ivory leather and did come in mint until recently dropped from the line (smart choice if you ask me). Unfortunately I will be having to replicate this look with some kind of DIY painted version, because I don't have a small fortune to fork over, but a great inspiration nonetheless.