Wednesday, August 8, 2012


No other dining room is more appealing to me than the mix of a rustic dining table with some kind of modern chairs. It's fun and less fussy than the average formal dining room. Any one of these rooms below has the ability to feel dressed up when necessary yet people aren't intimidated by its distressed surface. You don't have to constantly cover it up with linens, you can show it off without feeling guilty about spilling something or having your kids dent the wood with their forks. It's like a good leather jacket, the more you wear it the better it looks!

The organic slab is always a favorite of mine, but it doesn't come with extensions and you may have to be careful about the wood splitting. Hence the dovetail joints.

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 This photo from the HGTV 2011 Dream Home has adjustable office chairs that give you the ability to adjust your seat to your liking. GENUIS!!


Oye, this mongolian lamb covered bench is beyond, but I couldn't imagine the crumbs that could collect in that. 


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