Friday, August 19, 2011


As many of you may know, Dylan Lauren, daughter of the impeccable Ralph Lauren has tied the knot, and in grade A style no less. Dylan is the creator and owner of Dylan's Candy Bar, a huge and stylish sweet shop in the heart of NYC. Of course, her love of candy had to be used in the creation of her wedding theme and I must say it looks beyond amazing. It is really out of the box without being too gimmicky or crafty. Of course the Lauren's have some resources to their advantage, which I'm sure helped in creating this lovely affair, but let's face it they are the masters of lifestyle branding.

For the color scheme and setting, think Alice in Wonderland meets Willy Wonka meets Candy Land. To start, the sleek silky bridesmaids gowns were inspired by the bright color of gum balls. Candy Tree topiaries and sculpted bunny bushes graced the gardens, while the tables were dressed in teal and gold with a rainbow of floral arrangements.  The cake looked like a carousel of confection, most likely consisting of edible gold, and I loved the touch of the water-falling ombre flowers. But my favorite little detail had to be that all the servers wore little white top hats with those candy dots wrapped around them..It's all in the little touches! (pages from InStyle mag)

Another shot at her gorgeous dress...did I mention there was a 9 foot long detachable train???

 Another Candy Land themed setting designed by Dylan. It makes me wish I loved candy more..

 Candy bar designed by Dylan again for Martha Stewart mag.

Loving the vase filler here, on a invitation from Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan with her hubby...he's not too shabby either ;)