Thursday, August 25, 2011


I really think Etsy is where it's at for inexpensive original art. I'm constantly hunting down my favorite shops to see what the artists come up with next. I know everybody thinks is the best, but really it seems a little one dimensional to me.

12 x 12 Lilly Pads High quality Giclee Print for $75 by shop bHorn. Although this one is not an original I'm definitely digging the whole pointillism vibe.

Abstract Mermaid from Modern House Art is more on the expensive side, but it is original and a 13x19. Are you catching on to my love for textural abstracted paintings. 

Love this Octopus watercolor, I don't know why I just haven't bought it yet. It has been on my want list for quite awhile. It also comes in a lime green and is only $60 from shop Fairy Insomnia.

Love this painting!!! There is something so alluring about a figure with hiding eyes/face. It is so mysterious and sexy, and the outfits aren't too bad either. These are also prints by Jessica Rae Sommer, but the price tag starting at $32 with an 8.5x11.

This amazing oil painting by Karen Tarlton of wild mustangs would have been an amazing gift to my mother who loves horses. Wish I could have grabbed it before Christmas before it sold out for $300.

Water Nymph in Original Pen and watercolor by shop Labyrinthine Nature. Imagine how painstaking it must have been to draw the hair so carefully!

This is kind of amazing. I'm loving the way the artist blends the colors to create light and shadow. And the small size is really fun to throw in to a vignette. Original 5x7 oil painting by shop Sagittarius Gallery only $52

Another Original 5x7 oil painting by shop Sagittarius Gallery only $52