Thursday, August 4, 2011


I am no where near the fashionista Nicole is, I do not follow the trends nor could I tell you what they were.. but I have been craving to add something emerald green to my collection. Whether it be an a large cocktail ring, halter top, or cocktail dress.. I've just been dying to go out on the town rockin' this jade green color. 

Another piece I am going to dedicate to is.. finding the perfect fitted, cropped leather jacket. I have a number of leather jackets that I love throwing on, but none that fit like they were made perfectly for me.

Throwing a leather jacket over your softest laced dress looks completely effortless.

For summer I wanted to fill my closet with pretty everyday dresses, but for the fall I'd like to focus on buying structure skirts, perfect for switching out work tops for going out for drinks tops.

I love, love dark nail polish.. but I'm bored of the safe dark purple/brown look. I can still go dark with other colors.. so why not go for an edgy dark blue??

This satchel is the perfect accessory to go with my new nail color.  Made in Italy, sold on only retails for a little over $2000...that's only a little over one months rent.