Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Look closely at this photo...yes it looks like a beautiful damask wallpaper, or even colorful chandeliers. Ehhhh WRONG! They are actually tiny little individually placed stickers!! Yep, you heard me, Stickers. Like the ones your teacher bought for elementary school to add to your test paper if you got a good grade.

Payton Cosell Turner, a 25 year old art school grad has been popular quite sometime now, but I finally got to reading my Elle Decor this month and found out about this talented little lady. I'm always interested in art using different mediums (like bottle cap art see post) and this sticker collaging is right up my alley. Seriously what a conversation piece. Imagine this type of work on the ceiling of a really tall foyer? You would never even be able to guess what it really was.

itsy bitsy!

Close Up

One of Payton's illustrations that I love!