Saturday, August 27, 2011

STYLE IS SERVED: Dransfield & Ross Placemats

All of N's gorgeous tablescape posts have given me inspiration to pay a little more attention to serving styles. I've been so preoccupied with furniture lately.. not realizing that having a beautiful tablescape of my own is important for me. I came across "Dransfield & Ross" recently, they have the chicest table top accessories. Some of my favorites are their placemat collection, a great starting point to your beautifully set table.
Ice Gold Starburst Placemat

Ivory Gold Starburst Placemat

Orange Delphos Placemat.. ten times nicer than the plastic rectangle ones I grew up with.
Ivory and Gold Delphos Placemat

Beige Hexagon Placemat

Celadon Hexagon Placemat.. don't you just love the nailtrim detail?

Onyx Placemat.. so pretty, I would not dare serve red wine with these.
Malachite Placemat.. for Nicole
Citrine Placemat

Taupe Placemat

Turquoise Placemat