Monday, August 15, 2011


This semester I am taking a jewelry making class. It is a studio course, which means it will be 6 hours long, once a week. I have no idea how much creative initiative we will be allowed to take, but I'm almost positive we will have to go buy all our own materials. Which is great because NYC holds a lot of really great wholesale bead stores. And I have a lot of ideas and inspiration up my sleeve. Hopefully my fingers won't cramp up too much!

I'd love to make some pretty vintage layered necklaces. Like these from Etsy shop, Simplymeart.

Simple and tribal...I think.

 Ropes and bead like these seriously overpriced Chan Luu pieces.

 I know they will go out of style soon but I would love to make some feathered earrings.

Over the top friendship bracelet making!

Super Duper long Ralph Lauren meets Navajo indian goddess earrings.

Seems easy

Black and white twisted/braided graphic leather bracelets!

I'm not sure how I will be able to get to Doloris Petunia's level BUT its UGHmazing!

Remember this delicate Swarovski number?? My friend Kelly (see Rock Wall post), made herself one just like it and she is going to make one for me too! YIPPEEE! She said it will be two layered necklaces at different heights, but she is going to surprise me with the color choice. Can't wait!