Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Recently I was reading Instyle magazine and I came about some clever ways to organize those items that are usually tossed or lost in your closet. Let's face it, if we can't see it in front of us we will probably forget about it. I have a small closet and have tried to organize it the best I can, hanging most of my clothes while keeping basic tanks, swimsuits, and accessories in bins. I'll admit that I thought it would work, but there are times where I go in to the bins and find things that I forgot I had, like a great scarf or summer cardigan.
While most of us don't have the luxury of a walk in closet to display our fashions like royalty the rest of us have to come up with clever solutions. And here are a few I think you might like...

This idea of displaying your flats on this modern shelving unit made for books is so clever!

Everyone loves a good jewelry tree, this one here is from Anthropologie.

Image from This is Glamorous Blog
One of the easiest things you can do to make your closet look stylish is hang like items together and also color coordinate. It also really helps when you are trying to put together an outfit. AND, having all the same hangers really makes a better visual impact, making it look less cluttered. 

Image from Pinterest
To "jazzercize" your closet a bit, add a small ottoman or chair, and even a funky light fixture. The decorative ladder here is a cute way to organize scarves.

These fixtures are really graphic and textural. I love this amazing coral fixture from 1stdibs, but with its $5,500 price tag the tiny floral World's Away pendant can be more appealing. The gold and crystal itty bitty pendants are also from 1stdibs.

 Acrylic dividers help to divide handbags and evening clutches...or

you could use some really glittery bookends!

 Have some stuff you only use seasonally? Instead of using bins, how about heading over to your local antique store for some vintage suitcases to hide your teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikinis in the winter. 

Really gorgeous decorative boxes are all over the place. Use them to store away make-up, or nail polish.

Can't access your entire wall closet because of sliding doors? Take them off and replace them with curtain panels. Trust me, I did it and it makes a world of difference!