Monday, August 8, 2011


Bored at work the other day, S and I began scheming up our dream dining room spaces. Turns out most of the pieces I chose are high-end (this is a dream so I might as well go for it), but my jumping off point, the dining table, might as well be made out of 24k gold since it retails at $17,640! Let's see how much it really takes to get my killer dining room space, shall we...

The DREAM scheme!

Let's start off with this amazing table by Currin. I'm going for the rectangular shape but I would get it in the Mocha and vintage silver finish with blown glass mirror like the round table shown here. Turns out it's about a $3,000 jump when you go from antique mirror to blown glass.

Since I'd like to mix it up, I'm working with 2 different types of dining room seating. A banquette and chairs. The Lee Industries banquette doesn't come in leather, so I would have to do a custom quote, which = $$$$$. But since its a dream, I don't care and this apple green leather is perfection.

This UGHmazing tribal print carried by Pearson is fantastical on so many levels and will speak to the Ethos rug I chose. I'm going to use it as accent pillows on the apple green leather banquette. The Claire side chairs by Oly in a white finish with croc embossed chocolate leather will work great in the masterful mix of it all.
Ahhhh lighting! The jewelry of the space. I mixed elaborate with simple to create balance with this 1stdibs gold and crystal number on the left and World's Away sconces on the right. 

This Lillian August antique cupboard carries the perfect amount of sparkle and will be perfect for displaying all my amazing glasses. The white finish speaks to the legs of the Oly side chairs, and the mirror and glass to the dining table.

For a little more pizzazz and intricate details comes in the Sea Foam Made Goods mirror. So gorgeous, Steph owns one in the pearl finish.

The Ethos rug ties in all the colors of the space. 

Art is always a must, and I still haven't forgotten about this witty piece from an amazing store in Mendham, NJ called Fun House Furnishings. Store owners and sister-in-laws, Jennifer and Jane O'Connell have done a really fantastic job with the space, and I highly recommend if you live close to drop by. And not to mention the fun animal paintings are done by Jennifer's talented husband, Shane.

Of course a barcart is necessary and this one will blend right in. 

Unfortunately in reality, there is an actual space to work with. But since this is a dream I'm thinking...
White walls with some serious high gloss navy trim on really dramatic baseboards and a coffered ceiling. Simple dark hardwood wide plank flooring keeps it casual underfoot. 

And to sum it all up it would only cost you about $48,000! That's not even including freight, installation and painting, and all those other lovely little surprises you get along the way!