Thursday, January 31, 2013


This Valentine's Your Dining Room Will Be the Most Romantic Place

Hello Dalliance Design readers. I am Eva Stephen and would like to thank to Nicole and Stephanie who gave me a chance to share my ideas on such a blissful day, Valentine’s Day. Everyone wishes and plans to make it a wonderful and memorable day. Please do share how you found my ideas in the comments box.

If you’re tired of trying to come up with great, exclusive, “special” venues that will be worthy of spending the most romantic day there, here’s a thought: why not spend it at home? With a little imagination, your home can become the most romantic place on the planet on Valentine’s Day.

Dining Room, 8 O’clock

Your partner will appreciate your inventiveness and the thought you put behind the Valentine’s Day idea much more than the money you spend on an expensive dinner in a fancy restaurant. And there are so many ways to be inventive, when it comes to showing love to your partner.

First, start off with a little mysteriousness. Sneak a note to your partner in the morning. You can leave it on her pillow, use some other piece of furniture, or tape it to the mirror in the bathroom, so that she can’t miss it when she brushes her teeth. The note should simply say: “Dining room – tonight at 8 o’clock”, for example.

What Can Better Lead Up to the Surprise Than Chocolate

Dean and Deluca
Once your partner comes home from work, have chocolates, cookies or candy lead him to the dining room in form of a delicious trail starting from your doorstep. Hopefully it won’t spoil his appetite. When he enters the dining room, he should find it all set for the most romantic celebration. 

How to Spell “Love” With Your Dining Room

Setting up your dining room table in a romantic way can be a challenge.
Visit website to pick out a great one for the great evening. There are many ways to do it. If heart-shaped objects are a little too tacky for you, you can use less obvious props:

1) Place a bowl of red apples in the middle of the table, some small candles scattered around, a dried rose at the side of the table and use table cloth that has some writing on it. The writing could be some romantic messages, why you love your partner, some private jokes you share or simply: Happy Valentine’s!

2) Vintage photo frames that feature pictures of you and your partner in different places that you remember being romantic: a honeymoon, a fun night out you’ll never forget, a intimate photo only you two have seen, etc. Place the frames around the dining room, as a little romantic exhibition and have candles light each photo.

3) If you’re feeling adventurous, you can use the dining room to recreate a romantic event from your past. For example, if you had a wonderful holiday in Rome, or if you fell in love in a movie theater, you could recreate those places somehow:
with posters, music, film projector showing some romantic movie on the wall, etc.

There are many different ways to decorate the dining room for a special event, but even the simplest decoration will have a strong effect if the light is dimmed and the music coming in from the living room soft and pleasurable.

Love Comes in Through the Stomach

Last but not least, food and drinks can certainly contribute to falling in love all over again. Consult food blogs for special recipes, or cook something you know your partner loves. Make sure the night lasts long enough for you to enjoy aperitifs, appetizers, soup, main meal and dessert. Be imaginative with food and don’t worry about where it ends up.

A Romantic Meal for Two – Pan-Fried Duck Breast Salad with Mixed Berries & Walnuts