Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I have been on the radar for the perfect pair of metallic brogues for 2 years now, and finally they seem to be trickling down to mainstream fashionistas right when I'm ready to pounce on the trend. Which can mean good things for my wallet and sadness for my trendsetting ego. Either way, I don't see too many fearless people in central NJ ready to give this idea a go. But in my everyday life, it means function with a bit of pizzazz, (not to mention my Burberry check slip-ons have probably seen their last days).

Any of these options win my heart, but do I have to pick just one??

Marc Jacobs

Zara (already sold out), but if you are listening please sell these again!

Candy colored brogues by Geox and Patrick Cox exclusively for Elton John.  
Image via NYtimes.com