Monday, January 28, 2013


There is no doubt about it, Home Goods can be a pretty exciting place to shop. But many of you have been asking, what's worth grabbing? Let's begin. 

 Rule #1
With the exception of this chair below, DO NOT purchase occasional chairs. They probably sit like crap and sport a heinous fabric. 

DO, however, snag some good bar stools or benches that can be easily recovered with an exceptional fabric. This cushion probably only take 2.5 yards max. Which means a delicious fabric can take this piece in a whole new direction. Did I just sound like Martin Lawrence Bullard?

Rule #2
Almost 50% of the lamps I find acceptable. In fact I see many leftovers from some of my favorite trade names (yet most of the time they are crappy styles). 

DO go for nice crystal or ceramic gourd lamps. Priced around $99-120, they are a very good deal indeed.

DON'T deal with the inexpensive looking shades that come with these nice lamps, Just go out and buy a nice linen version to pair with your new ones. 

Do buy the pair if you can afford it. You never know when you will need to have symmetry in your design. 


Check out these adorable mini lamps, perhaps for a shelf or a secretary. Take note here, the small crystal lamp on the right needs a new shade. Ewww!

Rule #3 

If you think it looks cheap for even one second, it probably is. 

My suggestion. If you grab an accessory that interests you, put it in your cart and at the end of your rounds take another look. What items are really worth keeping. These boxes below were made of real leather and brass. Global Views I believe. Not too shabby. 

Cute mismatched bud vases. Can you really have enough of these? 

Cute for the kitchen island. This rustic Acacia bowl could hold a line of Granny Smith's on a gorgeous marble countertop. 

 DON'T go for the clear stuff, the glass is usually poor quality and will get foggy after even one week with a bouquet. Instead go for something colorful or opaque, like this gem.

Rule #4
DON'T you dare purchase those faux flowers!! The only way anyone will ever think they are real is after a bottle of vodka. 

DO purchase real dried boxwood topiaries for your mantle. Very chic!

Rule #5 
Choose your art wisely. I would not normally condone this but I found some cool stuff on my last trip. 

Like these giant 30x40 Parisian blue prints, done in a metallic finish and a burl frame. There were 2. I'm not sure I will ever see anything like this at Home Goods again. 

This black and white sailboat didn't look too shabby either. I'll allow it for the person with a second home in Nantucket. ;)

Rule #6

A side table here a bench there. Wonderful! Just make sure to look the piece up an down. Is it missing anything, do the drawers open and close easily, any paint chips, can the item be repainted. And for the love of all things design, please do the measuring. If the piece doesn't look like the right scale in your space, that is the beauty of returns. 

Great little bench for an entryway.

 Burlap wrapped nesting tables. Good stuff.

Rule #7
Home Goods has some good, cheap coffee table books. If you are looking to inexpensively fill up a library bookshelf without waiting until you are 85 to create a collection, I highly recommend HG and even antique shops. 

Saw this notebook too! How encouraging to read before jotting your thoughts down.

 Rule #8 
Home Goods has great bath linens for that guest bathroom that needs some jazzing up. Buy at least 4 if you can. 

Rule #9
Think about the outdoors. Not everything needs to be for the inside. Just because a metal table isn't labeled "outdoor" doesn't mean you can't plop that thing outside. Think outside the box. Can you spray paint it? 

I thought these candle holders could be great on a enclosed porch. Such a pretty candlelit ambiance would be created with their mirrored mosaic backs. My suggestion, the more outdoor lighting you buy the better. These 4 could fade away in the back of a huge residence, but could be prefect for your apartment balcony.

 Rule #10
Don't forget the rugs! 
Check out these few I found. Great styles, great sizes, great prices! Need I say more...

but just to point out this embossed leather border on this handsome sisal. 


Nautical Stripe rug, I'm pretty sure I could create an entire Ralph Lauren inspired oasis with half the stuff I just posted. 

And last but certainly not least, this Morrocan shag rug, coming in at 8x11 for $399. Winning...