Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The name Amie Corley meant nothing to me, UNTIL I got a glimpse of this sweet number on Pinterest. 

Isn't that the beauty of Pinterest?! One minute you're this lil blogger/designer out of nowheresville USA, then BOOM, you're the next big thing since sliced bread. Amazing, that lil website is. Anyways, I digress. 

This kitchen by Corley killed me! If there is one color I will always love and never get sick of it's blue. Every damn shade of it! And how refreshing it is to see it on some kitchen cabinets. Now, I'm not going to lie,  if you asked me a few hours ago what my future kitchen would look like, most likely I would have said white cabinets and a dark slate gray island with brass knobs etc. etc. 

Fast forward to this shot, and I'm changing my tune a bit. 

The paint on the cabinets is Kensington Green and the island is Bermuda Blue by Benjamin Moore. I'm even digging the "H" brass knobs on the island. Very cool. 

Check out the color of the cabinets in this picture above versus the image below. Another lesson in why it is soooo important to try paint samples on everything before you go all out.  

Images via Southern Living

Perhaps if I took this kitchen as inspiration for my own project I would do something like this instead...
Paint -> Kensington Green and Bermuda Blue by Benjamin Moore
Backsplash Tile -> Ann Sacks
Counter Stools -> Arteriors
Pendants -> Oly
Rug & Hardware -> Pinterest/Unknown