Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Even though I know my career aspirations tend to lean more towards high end residential, I've always said to myself that if I had the chance to work on a really swanky modern hotel or an urban nightclub/restaurant, I'd definitely give it a go. And Twenty Five Lusk is a perfect example why. As you can see it's a hip San Fransisco restaurant featuring one of the coolest lounges I have ever seen. The industrial vibe of the hanging stainless fireplaces, rustic beams, and exposed brick give a real laid back earthy vibe. I'm taking a mental note of this one in case there happens to be a trip to Cali in my near future. Oh, and the food doesn't look too shabby either. ;)


Exterior View

Something about opposing textures that really makes a design cohesive and interesting.

Meeting room/banquet room
Ralph Chairs. Shhwing!

Love these pod like fireplaces, but I wish their was maybe a little more pattern in some of the upholstery or pillows. It needs a feminine touch to balance all the hardness.

Date Room!

Notice the under counter lighting. Success is in the details.