Wednesday, June 8, 2011


While meeting with one of our current clients, she pulled out a picture that she ripped out of magazine. We instantly recognized it (and have already previously blogged about it) the photo was a stairway covered with a collage of photographs. Our client had already purchased a book on sale at Barnes and Noble of Sketches by Michelangelo, with inexpensive frames, white matt board, and gold leaf.. we can achieve this look without breaking her budget. There are no rules to follow when it comes to size, color, finish.. its all about coming up with the perfect balance.

This collage started off with the mirror in the center and the frames displayed around it.

Most designers will say you have to stick to one kind of art form, whether its paintings or black and white photos, but there is nothing wrong with mixing. I say go ahead and use every picture/painting/drawing that you love.

Here is one way to work around the television, include it in your collage!

If you like more of a consistent size and pattern, this is great clean layout.

You don't have to use all of the same size frames or pictures.
Have fun and display pictures that make you happy.