Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We're bacckkkk! Sorry for the disappearance everyone, I was just on vacation in Nantucket over the weekend and it was amazinnnnggg! Unfortunately I didn't have any wifi but more on that later.

Luckily I came home steaming with energy and a profound desire to hit up the gym, probably from all the booze I consumed on vacation. But isn't that what vacations are for? Renergizing? 

On my sardine packed train ride up I fortunately had the time to come across this amazing photo on Pinterest, which got me google searching for "mirrored ceiling medallions." What a great idea, right? Personally I'm not that into traditional medallions, but I think these mirrored ones really give the tradition a twist. I'm even thinking it could be super easy to make one f you wanted. Think how gorgeous this could look with a reflecting candlelit chandelier!

Take a look, any ideas spring up in your heads? I want your feedback! :)