Thursday, June 9, 2011


Remember Top Design's (Season 2) Preston Lee?! I don't, but that is because I never watched the show. Whoops! Fortunately for me, contestant Preston Lee had an ad in Elle Decor just recently. And from the looks of his interior I jumped right on to his site and HOT DAMN! He is amazing, and for such a youngin!  His designs are whimsical, luxurious, and layered, just the way I like it. But what fascinates me most is how he got such high profile jobs right out of school! Was it the show or was he just flat out amazing. Whatever the reason thank God somebody gave him a chance to test his magic. 

 Copper tile coordinating with this amazing green slab of stone that I don't know the name of but need to figure out as soon as possible!!

Again with the green stone. And that detail right underneath the drawers, Genius!

I hate this word, but this room looks delicious!

Mermaid sconces, Yes Please!

 Kyle Bunting rug and Marjorie Skouras malachite knobs, a man after my own heart!

I love when people have the balls to put up a good nude!

Blue on blue <3

I didn't know a bar could look amazing with so many different materials!