Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm pretty sure anyone who really worships design, watched Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo last night. I'm not going to lie, I am super pumped about this show. In every way I do agree with Erin Gates from Elements of Style Blog, the designers do seem very snobby and completely rude. But the truth of the matter is, good design doesn't always have to mean big bucks and I know that from experience. However, I think the show will be a really great way of showing the world that good design doesn't always have to look like Pottery Barn. No offense to Pottery Barn, I shop there sometimes (for shelves, frames, and linen drapes) but lets face it we have seen the look way too many times. I don't want clients coming to me with inspiration from a Pottery Barn catalog!

Listener's if you truly value your home, and strive to be an individual please start looking at what is inspirational. If you live near New York, go see a designer show house, and for the love of all things holy please go to ABC home, I know you will not be able to wrap your little heads around each and every gorgeous item you see on every single city block floor, but at least you should feel inspired after leaving!

But enough rambling from me. Today's post is honoring one of my favorite designers on the new show, Million Dollar Decorator's, Nathan Turner. His look seems to be a little more worldy and sophisticated, but still very lived in, don't you think? Check it out for yourself.