Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I finally watched the finale of Project Runway All Stars, and there was something that Isaac Mizrahi said that I really believed in. Before the finalists got to their last runway show, Austin Scarlet asked Isaac a very important question that ALL creative people think...If you were in the position where you believed in a look or an idea soooo much but nobody else got it, would you just go ahead and do it anyway? Now even the most creative genius's need a boost of confidence and assurance every once and awhile, but Isaac answered the question best by saying, 

"You can rest assured that that's why they pay you the big bucks. Or they will some day! It's because you have the balls, to NOT listen to anybody else, and to do something big and fabulous!"

As soon as I heard him say those words, I had to pause and write them down. Almost daily, I am challenged by people that tell me my ideas aren't going to work, but 99% of the time I don't listen and do it anyway. And believe it or not usually the person who doubted me is the one who comes back and says they were wrong. 

THANK YOU Isaac for backing me up. I may not be that crazy after all! 

P.S. How hysterical is Austin anyways!?! Do you remember in the park challenge when they had to coerce people to give them the clothes off their backs to use in their challenge. He's so flamboyant. Love it! Hahaha!