Sunday, April 1, 2012


To be honest I've never really considered painting a wooden floor, but the more I see it done the more it grows on me. First off, it really takes your personal design to the next level. Whether you are just going with your standard high gloss black or stenciling a geometric pattern, it really brings out the character in a home. It can also be a great solution for two common problems...
People who suffer from allergic reactions to wool or dust don't have to compromise on a main stream sisal or cotton flat weave rug. Painting a faux rug can be a great alternative to plain wood floors!

In some areas such as the kitchen or entryway a rug can be an obstruction of traffic or movement (i.e. opening doors over thicker piled rugs or even for transitions for people in wheel chairs). Painting floors allows personality without tripping or even the hassle of vacuuming!

The process involves mild sanding and no finishing coat. The only possible problems can be fading from sun light or light scratches. Yet we all know rugs and regular stained wood can get faded from sunlight, while scratches can just be repainted or touched up when need be. Cost is estimated to be around $40 to $60 per gallon for quality wood floor paints, plus the labor!

I'm going to keep some of these ideas in mind for future projects!

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