Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Malachite is a green copper mineral which is used to make so many different beautiful objects from furniture, boxes, and even jewelry! Ancient Egyptians believed malachite kept children safe by keeping evil away and protected travelers during their journeys. Maybe I should keep a pretty malachite box in my car.. and maybe purchase a malachite lamp and some malachite obelisks for my home to be extra safe..

The very stunning Vivian Mirror by Made Goods

Top left: Marjorie Skouras malachite side table / followed by 3 beautiful jewelry boxes

Found these gorgeous lamp bases on 1st dibs.

What's a fancier way to hold all of your books than these bookends?

Malachite drop earrings found here at Boticca

Malachite Glass bottles found on Pinterest
The sweetest malachite bowls to hold your earrings.