Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Not sure what to get for your mom, girlfriend, best friend, sister? Don't stress, we hand picked our top 10 favorite gift ideas for that special gal in your life. Every year, during this time, I reward myself to one piece of jewelry that I've been drooling over for quite some time. This year I had my eye on the gorgeous Pegasus Necklace by Stella and Dot. If your lady friend is anything like me, and accumulates a ton of pretty jewels, she will need places to keep them when not in use. Why not get her a brass bowl or gold leaf tray to keep her rings? I know I love my set of Pacific Connection lacquered boxes. So, to all my friends and family who can't decide on what to get me this year (ahem) please see below for a few suggestions.. was that subtle enough?
1. Pacific Connection Boxes in Turquoise $90-$325
2. Athena Tray $45 Jayson Home
3. Brass bowls $25; www.abccarpetandhome.com
4. Pegasus Necklace $198 Stella & Dot
5. Pink Flamed Stitch Pillow $70 Furbish Studio
6. Nars Danmari $65 www.Sephora.com
7. Oversized Domino Set; www.barbaracosgrove.com
8. Gold Stand Up Ipad Case; www.amazon.com
9. Penguin Classic Book Covers 
10. Contessa Necklace $118 Stella & Dot