Sunday, November 13, 2011


Like it or not, Christmas is here. Even though Thanksgiving still is not. Everywhere you turn decorations are up and commercials are advertising their special sales. I'm not really a fan of this push too start celebrating early, but hey the quicker you get your gifting done the sooner you can enjoy the holidays. To me, the gift shopping is more stressful, but the wrapping and the baking and the decorating is not. So to start off the holiday season are some wrapping ideas to get you in the mood. If you can't beat em, join em!

 1. Use greenery like pinecones or extra clippings from your Christmas tree. You can spray paint your natural items silver or gold for some extra pizzazz or use twine to add to your rustic look. 

2. Feathers. Peacock or not, feathers can be a glamorous addition to your ribbons. 

3. Watercolor Paper.  

4. Jingle Bells!

5. Friendship bracelet charms. I'm also liking the untraditional colors here. Who said Christmas has to be red and green??

6. Stacking boxes in different colors with funky ribbons can create a cool ombre effect. 

7. Black & White Photographs can add a real personal touch.  
 8. Spare Christmas Bulbs! Love this idea!

9. Origami. Although it can take time adding some pretty origami can be a nice touch and fun for the kiddies!

10. Have spare paper? Make some squiggly ribbon.
11. Monogram it!

12. Weave it!

13. Substitue yarn instead of ribbon. Inexpensive and crafty!

All images via Pinterest