Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I've always had an obsession with miniature food, from the time I was gifted my Easy Bake Oven. Over the years I have bought small dishes like mini bread loaf pans and small heart ramekins, but just recently I have realized this trend towards creating little bites for parties or weddings. On Pinterest I have been collecting a board full of the amuse-bouche recipes, just look at my collection below...
We got mini quiche and lasagna cups, mini burgers of course, even a bite-sized banana split!

And then I had 2 amazing discoveries this past amazing cookbook by chef Peter Callahan, the guy with the infamous mini patron bottles with fish tacos <3

Second Discovery, a collection called Tasting Party by Pier 1 Imports. A collection of mini cups, spoons, forks, wine glasses, and even mini trifles!! Whatever you want mini they have it and for really amazing prices too. 

1. 24 set of mini ramekins with spoons $24.95
2. 24 set of mini bowls with spoons $29.95
3. mini wine glass $2.50 each
4. mini dessert flares with spoons $29.95
5. 24 set of mini cordials with spoons $29.95
6. Amuse-Bouche spoon set $9.95
7. Rectangular Platter with 3 Domes $18.95

On Pier 1 Imports website they also share some great recipes and ideas for your own tasting party so go check it out!!
Mini wine glasses are perfect for a blind taste test of your homemade wine. My parents would love these.

The mini cocktails kill me.

Mini desserts everywhere!! 

Mini MIMOSAS!!!!!! I'll have every flavor! :)