Friday, December 2, 2011


This past Thanksgiving I wasn't able to see my family from Chicago, so as always we passed around the phone to chit chat after we stuffed out faces. Jenna, my 11 year old adorable cousin asked me if I could help her decorate her room. I have to say that I was totally touched and said that I would put together some inspirational photos on my blog for her and my Aunt to work from. The only hint, she likes blue. Well, she is my kind of girl because I love blue too! For now, I'm going to post some bedroom photos of teenage girls rooms that I'm even envious of, but stay tuned for some concept boards in the future. Love you guys in Chicago! Can't wait to see you over the summer!

Most of the time it starts with the bed because it is the biggest piece, and an upholstered headboard can have just the right girly touch. I'm also loving those mini yellow bombe nightstands. 

This is over the top for some but I think its rad for a princess. 

More modern! Maybe for the more artsy little gal.

Built ins can be a little girls best friend for hoarding all her random objects. Trust me, I used to collect everything, you need somewhere to hide all of it, and your diaries too!

This is a really sophisticated room. The patent leather is quite funky, and probably never gets dirty!

Can someone please buy a vintage bed and paint it gold! Maybe I just want to buy anything and paint it gold.

How about chalkboard paint or a custom wall decal/wallpaper that takes up one entire wall. 

Small benches are also a good idea for when she has her friends over.