Thursday, July 5, 2012


One thing you learn right away working in the design biz, is that something will always ALWAYS, go wrong. Steph and I know this from multiple experiences through other designers we work with everyday. So when it came time for our client's installation we were nervous. Did we double check every dimension? Was all the furniture going to fit up the tiny elevator in her Manhattan apartment? Only time would tell. 

Well, apart from some minor glitches, (a broken mirror nightstand and malfunctioning cabinet light) everything fit and looked amazing. And most importantly, the client was very very happy!  



Amazing what a gorgeous headboard, 2 lamps, and some IKEA customization can do...

Do you guys remember the photoshop inspiration for the IKEA built-ins? See Jessica's inspiration post here and here

I think our vision really came to life! 

We just bought 2 Ikea Billy bookcases and 2 MALM chests, painted the exteriors white and the interiors of the bookcases a Ralph Lauren metallic silver paint. Added some glam Restoration Hardware pulls and over cabinet lighting (also from Ikea), then anchored both pieces together! 

Drum role please.....

This whole built-in job was less expensive than the cost of one of the gold Ralph Lauren task lamps. How do you like them apples? 

Next on the task list...accessories, art and bedding to finish the look.