Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Yesterday I turned 26 years old! Seriously where does the time go? But I must say, I have gotten a ton accomplished in this last year. For starters I finished school! And I'm happy to say that after my second round in college I have finally graduated with honors for the very first time in my life. It's really incredible to see how much more successful you can be when you are really passionate about something. And with all my hard work and devotion to my passion in design I was able to land the perfect jobs working in unison with trade-only showroom Schwartz Design and as design assistant to designer Valerie Grant, which has been an amazing experience thus far. Wow, I'm a real adult now huh? 

I also got my first brand new car!!! A pimped out metallic black GMC Terrain with all the bells and whistles. It even has pimped out chrome wheels and grill I might add. But as many of you know, it was extremely well deserved considering I drove the same car since I got my license in high school. Not gonna lie, I feel pretty gangster in it, and now I can even handle carting around all the lamps and accessories I need for clients. 

And on top of all year 25 brought me, I'm most proud of Dalliance Design. Gaining two amazing clients this year, and growing more successful everyday. 

Thank you to all of you who are there for me personally and professionally. You really don't know how grateful I am for your support.

Let 26 be even more amazing than 25!!!