Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vintage Cigarette Lighters

With perfect sunny weather yesterday we visited a few antique stores, in Somerville, NJ. Antique stores have the most incredible hidden gems and hard to find pieces. Although there may be piles of undesirable items in the store,  eventually you spot an amazing piece that you just have to have, and that is what I love about these shops. While I spotted some items I loved, including a mother of pearl binocular set, the perfect purple shot glass set, and a pretty crystal razor base, I wanted to dedicate this post to the vintage cigarette lighters I came across. They are larger than regular lighters (maybe the size of my fist), they are heavy, but best of all, they are made of some of the most beautiful materials out there. I do not smoke cigarettes, nor do I plan to pick up that yucky habit, I'd love to buy one for display.. and maybe I'd use it for lighting birthday candles..

Crystal Base Cigarette Lighter

White Alabaster

Vintage Marble Lighter

Marble Base Lighter

Marble Base

Christian Dior Malachite Green 
Colibri Onyx gold plated vintage table lighter

Lovely Alabaster and Marble table lighter