Thursday, July 7, 2011


If any of you have ever graced the historical town of Nantucket, I'm sure you can envision the identical little cottages with worn gray shingles, climbing roses, and nautical details. But it's whats within the homes them that make them truly unique. And if you are looking for unique pretty details you are going to have to hit up Trillium in downtown Nantucket for some really gorgeous decor, by far my most favorite shop on my travel. 

 Robin Bergland, the owner of Trillium has an amazing eye for mixing and matching beautiful textures and colors. I really couldn't get enough of this tablescape below that she styled. I know it is kind of hard to see but keep skimming and I'll give you a few of the ingredients. 

 Check ou those wood turned candelabras! I have no idea where they are from, any of you?

 Check out the purple table underneath. A great element of surprise.

 Some times an assortment of candles can be a better way to go than flowers. 

There are so many ways to dress up simple white tableware.

 Just another gorgeous pic from the Trillium website
John Robshaw simple ikat table cloth

Kim Seybert sequin ikat placemats, LOVE!

McCOY black quartz votives

I must have those ikat beaded placemats!! Putting it on the want list!