Thursday, July 14, 2011


Not to be confused with a wall of stacked stone, this wall of frames inspired by my best friend's love for rock n' roll really impressed me. I mean look at that asymmetrical balance!! I have to say Kelly has her own flair for decorating and I'm always excited to visit her up in Boston to see what she has done to her place next. 

The rock wall consists of favorite bands paraphernalia, including photographs, guitars, drum heads and sticks all signed by the band themselves. I think the variation really gives the wall some texture. However I am thinking to myself that those frames would look even more incredible if you could cover the walls in some kind of metallic paint or grasscloth. But lets not get too carried away Kelly won't be living in her apartment forever and for now the rock wall is super cool. Kel, your next place, GOLD, think about it! 

To the left is a drum head, sketched and signed by a band member of 10 years. 

Signed guitars sit side by side next to a giant poster of Killswitch Engage. 

Check out Ozzy Osbourne's pad in Architectural Digest. I'm not sure it comes close to how awesome Kelly's wall is, but I'm sure all you head bangers out there could really appreciate Kelly's enthusiasm for some heavy metal. I dig it <3