Saturday, March 19, 2011


For a couple of months now, I have been seeing a lot of other bloggers rave about these chevron painted rugs that they DIYed. I thought I could give it a shot and it would be a really inexpensive way to punch up my bedroom, while awaiting for my Color Reform rug in the distant future (I am determine to get one). However, instead of doing the normal chevron pattern, taking more time to tape down the zigzags, I used a more organic wavelike approach. All it cost was $30 for the IKEA ERSEV rug, and $5 for each quart of paint from Sherwin Williams (I bought 5 different colors in all). So for $65, and a few hours of labor I think I created a pretty snazzy piece for my room, No? Here's what I did...


First I poured one paint color on to a paper plate and used a brush to do a "dry brush" technique, which is essentially using a dabbing technique so that your not slathering on a ton of paint like you would on a wall. With that, I just started my freeform line from the middle of the rug.

Next, to achieve the ombre effect of colors, I mixed the darkest blue with the medium blue and followed the form of the first line I placed on the rug. Continuing with medium blue, medium blue mixed with light blue, light blue, etc. etc.

I tried to cover the rug as best as possible with the paint, but some of the white from the woven lumps still flecked out. I actually like the effect because it reminds me a of a crayon.

Almost Done...

Ahhh there she is, 5 hours later.

Kind of Jonathan Adlerish don't you think?