Saturday, March 5, 2011


Steph needs a tray for her office campaign chest, and I gasped with excitement when I remembered this gorgeous Hermes tray we had at my old job. Come to find out, he must have bought it at auction or on Ebay, because those trays aren't sold anywhere and they are super duper expensive. But luckily while researching I found genius blogger Claire Watkins, of High Gloss Blue Blog post about her DIY tray. She took inspiration from an authentic Chanel serving tray with the iconic double C's and replicated it with a $10 black lacquered tray from target and a little elbow grease. What do you think? I'm thinking we should give it a go!


The real Chanel tray and inspiration

Claire's DIY! So Chic! Check out the details here.

Hermes <3